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Working Principle Of Hydraulic Lifts
Nov 13, 2018

Hydraulic oil by the blade pump to form a certain pressure, through the oil filter, explosion-blown electromagnetic commutator valve, throttle valve, hydraulic control valve, balance valve into the lower end of the liquid cylinder, so that the cylinder piston upward movement, lifting the weight, the cylinder upper end of the oil through the explosion-blown electromagnetic commutator valve back to the fuel tank, its rated pressure through the

The pressure gauge reading value is observed by pressure gauge. The piston of the liquid cylinder moves downwards (both the weight drops). Hydraulic oil through the explosion-proof electromagnetic commutator valve into the upper end of the liquid cylinder, the lower end of the liquid cylinder through the balance valve, hydraulic control valve, throttle valve, explosion type electromagnetic commutator valve back to the fuel tank. In order to make the weight drop smooth, brake safe and reliable, set the balance valve on the return oil road, balance the circuit, maintain the pressure, so that the drop speed is not subject to heavy loads, by the throttle valve to adjust the flow rate, control the lifting speed. In order to make the braking safe and reliable, prevent accidents, increase the liquid control one-way valve, that is, hydraulic lock, to ensure that the hydraulic pipeline accidental burst can be safe self-locking.

An overloaded voice alarm is installed to distinguish between overload or equipment failure. Electrical control system through the explosion-proof button sb1-sb6 to control the rotation of the motor, explosive type electromagnetic commutator valve commutative, in order to maintain the load lift or drop, and through the "LOGO" program to adjust the amount of time delay, to avoid frequent motor start and affect the service life.

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