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Safety Procedures For Hoist Machines
Nov 13, 2018

1.The hoist is maintained and managed by the designated personnel, and the key of the power switch box is managed by the designated person.

2. The hoist must have a rolling limiter and a stroke limiter, and the limiter should allow the pulley to stop automatically before lifting to the distance reel or pulley 300mm.The action is sensitive and reliable, and the test crane is carried out.

3. Hoist should have the maximum load mark, in the lifting, landing weight is not overloaded (1T).

4. After power transmission, check the rolling limiter, travel limit device, interlocking switch and other safety devices

5. Before lifting or landing, after ringing a warning, you can drive.

6. Lifting machine is not allowed to be manned up and down.

7. After work, the hoist disc should land, then cut off the power supply, close the upper and lower guardrail door. 8. Always maintain environmental hygiene around the hoist.

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