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Application Range Of Hydraulic Lifts
Nov 13, 2018

Hydraulic lifts are widely used in automobiles, containers, mold manufacturing, wood processing, chemical filling and other types of industrial enterprises and production lines, to meet the requirements of different operating heights, at the same time can be equipped with various forms of countertops (such as ball, drum, turntable, steering, tipping, telescopic), with a variety of control methods (split, linkage, explosion-proof

It has the characteristics of smooth and accurate lifting, frequent start and heavy load, and effectively solves all kinds of difficulties in lifting operation in industrial enterprises, so as to make the production operation easy and comfortable. is used for building layers of high-level transport of goods dedicated hydraulic lifting table products are mainly used in a variety of working layers of cargo transport up and down, stereo garage and underground garage layer high car lift and so on.

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